Dyslexia and Additional Language Learning (DYSLANG)

Dyslang is a collaborative project between The Dyscovery Centre, the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) and partner organisations in Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Turkey.

While the diversity of languages across Europe creates a unique network able to share experiences of teaching dyslexic individuals, there is currently no network to support the dyslexic multilingual individual learning an additional curriculum language.

The 2-year, European-funded Dyslang project aimed to establish an e-learning resource to address the needs of these individuals, providing teacher training, an appropriate curriculum for wider access, and examples of best practice. This resource would not only be innovative in itself, but also include a number of innovations that may impact on the development of other dyslexia-related courses.

For those who would like to apply for an ONC Level 2 qualification based on the DYSLANG course, this is offered through the BDA: training@bdadyslexia.org.uk

The Dyslang modules can be downloaded from the Resources page.