Student Opportunities

We run new internships every term. To sign up for our Associate Research Internship, please contact us

Research Dyscovery offer research internships to undergraduate students from the School of Psychology and Therapeutic Studies at the University of South Wales through the Psychology Plus scheme.

A key element of our psychology degrees is hands-on experience. Psychology Plus provides students with free opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge-base with the aim of giving them a competitive advantage in the graduate jobs market or when applying for further study. Research Dyscovery’s student internship programme aims to provide experience of research in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders, including a chance to learn research-relevant skills and gain practical research experience on real ongoing grant applications and projects.

Internship Levels

Our student internship programme consists of two levels:

The first is Associate Research Intern, which is a structured course teaching a variety of research-relevant skills over 6 weeks, that will be useful to students both during their degree (e.g. for dissertations) and for increasing employability, particularly for research roles (e.g. Research Assistant) and for continuing on to further study. The sessions we are running for the 2017/18 academic year include: Developing Research Ideas, Funding Research, Reading and Writing in Academia and Career Paths in Research. Students will also receive a comprehensive induction to developmental disorders with our very own Dr Catherine Purcell, and a Psychology Plus certificate.

The second level is Research Intern, during which students work together in groups of 2-4 over 6 weeks on real-world research tasks, presenting their findings as a group at the end of the internship period. Some of the tasks students may be working on include literature searching, grant body searching (using GRANTfinder), designing project methodology and data collection in student populations. From this experience, students gain an understanding of how to put the research skills learnt in their Associate Research Internship into practice, working on real-world research projects, as well as developing skills in group working and giving oral presentations. Students also receive a Psychology Plus certificate and there is a prize for best group.

Students who complete both levels and express an interest in continuing to work with us may be invited to interview to become a short-term voluntary research assistant with one of the academic staff from the Research Dyscovery team. This level is considered excellent preparation and experience to go on to apply for paid Research Assistant roles.

Student Feedback

“It was a very valuable experience for me as I could use my knowledge and skills for a real project and I could see how our work can be used and learn about the real projects.”

“Gained a lot of valuable skills, and gave me the opportunity to practice presentation skills.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I felt that I improved in my ability of reading journals and more confident in independent learning.”

“Improved my research skills; gave me the chance to explore a new topic; it helped me realise my weaknesses and strengths in terms of delivery.”

“Lovely staff; interesting research.”

“…after the presentation I felt that I accomplished something and I was proud of myself as it felt challenging at times.”

Jenna on her experience as a Research Dyscovery Associate Intern.